Color & Conquer

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How to play

The goal in Color & Conquer is to flood the whole board with color in 25 turns. You start in the top left. Pick one of the six colors in the top left and take over the other colors!

About the game

The game was made for #1GAM July ( by me, Bob Rubbens. The idea wasn't originally mine. When I noticed it was getting late in july (around the 29th) I panicked and looked up an easy game idea on the internet. It took a while to find something that really caught my eye but in the end a certain game did. I stumbled upon this page, which contains a lot of fun ideas. I picked one with colors and an interesting mechanic, and this is the result. After I decided I would make a little "Flood It" clone it still took me 5 days to get to work (damn you summer!), so that's why I'm publishing it today (30th of august 2013). I'm still a bit ashamed that I was simply too lazy to come up with something original (not that my previous ideas have been... At least I came up with those unoriginal ideas myself), but I'm still pretty proud of the result. I hope you have as much fun playing it as I had making it!

Good luck!